ELECTRONIC W2/1099 Consent

You may now receive your W2’s, 1099’s and W4s electronically through the PAYCHEX website.

To receive these forms electronically, you must sign this consent and understand the following:

  • You will receive paper W2s If you do not consent to receive these forms electronically
  • This consent may be withdrawn at any time with at least 30 days notice prior to the end of any year
  • Termination of consent must be in writing and may be presented by fax, email or USPS and addressed to the Payroll supervisor
  • Until such time as consent is withdrawn, you will receive only electronic copies of your W2’s
  • Hard copies of these forms may be obtained, if requested in writing as described above, even if you have given such consent. Such copies may take several weeks to process since they have to be special ordered.
  • Requesting a hard copy will not be considered a withdrawal of consent
  • Withdrawal of consent does not apply to previously ordered W2s
  • Termination of employment may terminate access to some but not all links

By checking this box, typing your name and date where indicated below, and then clicking "SUBMIT" you acknowledge that you understand these procedures and agree to receive your W2 electronically instead of by hard copy.
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