With this memo we are introducing the Employee Self-Service section of our Web Site, www.helpsourceonline.com This section will contain all the forms, documents and other material you might need to perform your job. While most of this material will continue to be available at the office, there will be occasions when you will need them immediate access to this material. In addition, this section will contain the employee manual and copies of other material you were given at the time of employment. Some forms will be available only during your employment tenure at a HELPsource company, others will be continue to be available after such tenure has ended.

Starting in January, 2014, accessing the PAYCHEX link in this section (or accessing https://eservices.paychex.com/secure) will be the only way to obtain copies of your pay stub.

Since payroll information will NOT be stored on the HELPsource site, you will be redirected to the PAYCHEX site. Therefore you will need to log into that site seperately when you want payroll related information..

To access HELPsource forms and documents

Go to www.helpsourceonline.com; Click on the EMPLOYEES tab (top right on the header bar)

then the Secure Login button. You can select any item by clicking on the left menu links. Your user name is the first initial of your first name and your entire last name (for example, jbean)

Your password is the first initial of your first name combined with the first initial of your last name, both capitalized, and the last four digits of your Social Security number (For example, using Joseph Bean with a Social Security number of XXX-XX-6677, the password would be JB667). Since this link contains no sensitive information, it is not necessary to change your password. If you to chose change it, however, make sure you remember it since we will have no record of such changes. Please log in and check out this new service. We welcome your suggestions or comments to make this site easier to use and more beneficial to you.

To access your payroll information:

Go to www.helpsourceonline.com; Click on the EMPLOYEES tab (top right on the header bar)  then click on the PAYCHEX icon. (or go directly to https://eservices.paychex.com/secure)

Enter the appropriate  Company ID: (AHHS: 0426-S361; RSI: 0426-S363; LKI: 0426-T863)

See the instructions above for setting up your user name and password. After logging in for the first time, be sure to change your password. DO NOT SHARE THIS PASSWORD WITH ANYBODY. If you do, they will have access to your private information until you change it again.

Please review and sign the accompanying document which gives us permission to provide you electroniuc access to your W2/1099. With such access you will have this information the day it comes out as well as easy access to all your W2’s/1099’s whenever you want or need  extra copies

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