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  • Do I need to have Power of Attorney?
    Although a Power of Attorney is not required to contact for services, HELPsource recommends that you establish this legal parameter at the first signs of a loved ones decline. Your attorney can best advise you on this matter. If you need assistance in finding a reliable Elder Care Attorney in your area, please contact the HELPsource Concierge Counseling Team. 
  • Who will pay for the services that we need?
    HELPsource™ Home Health Services will make every effort to work with you to establish an affordable plan of care maximizing your services and using all resources available to you. If you are covered by a Long Term Care Insurance policy,HELPsource™ will act as a liaison to negotiate with your insurer for the best possible level of coverage. When appropriate,HELPsource™ will provide services through your Health Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid programs. We may suggest applying to your Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery County’s Area Agency on Aging to supplement services. Your family member will be required to submit to a clinical and financial assessment to determine qualification. if you are approved, we can work with that agency to maximixe available resources in order to provide the most hours of service while providing the continuity of one Home Care providerThe HELPsource™ Concierge Team will investigate other Social Service Organizations that may provide subsidies to provide the care you need.In lieu of Insurance or Community Social Subsidies to help cover the cost of care, HELPsource will work with your family to provide the care you need at the most cost effective price. 
  • How can I help plan financially for all the services my loved one may need over time?
    We’ll help you build a team of experts.HELPsource has established relationships with area Elder Care Attorneys and Estate Planners as well as Elder Care Managers. We will work together to build the necessary team of experts that can develop the best plans for your Home Health continuum of care. 
  • Will insurance cover any of this care?
    HELPsource is contracted with most major health insurance providers. We will act as your liaison and negotiate the maximum benefits available under your particular policy. If you feel that additional services are needed, we will help you plan for your needs within your financial resources.
  • What if my loved one is a VETERAN or a SPOUSE OF A VETERAN?

    VA Aid and Attendance

    VA Aid and Attendance is a benefit available to veterans, their spouses, or widows.  This benefit is available to help offset some of the cost of nursing homes, assisted living communities, personal care homes or homecare expenses.



    You or your spouse was a veteran during war time,

    including those who served state side.

    Served at least 90 days of active service with one of those days being during war time. 


    Eligible dates are:








    Received an honorable discharge.

    The spouse must not have divorced the veteran.

    If the veteran has died and the widow remarries, there are some situations where they would still qualify. 

    Must need some assistance with at least two Activities of Daily Living. This assistance does not mean that they require complete physical assistance, ie: cuing with dressing, reminders to bathe, med monitoring, needs supervision, etc.

    Applicants must be receiving the assistance or have a doctor’s order before they can apply.  Benefits are retroactive to the application date.

    There are some financial qualifications for those applying.  HOWEVER, it is based on an adjusted income NOT the gross income.  The applicant can only have assets totaling $80,000 or less.  To figure the adjusted income, medical expenses, insurance premiums, meds and even the cost of the community where they are residing is taken into consideration.  Assets not included are: the applicant’s home, pensions, small life ins. policies, prepaid funeral expenses and annuities in payout status.  There is no look back period at this current time.  If an applicant has greater than $80,000 a financial planner can assist them with investing today so they qualify tomorrow.  If the veteran exceeds the monthly income level after the adj. income is figured they still may qualify for benefits, the dollar amount is simply reduced dollar for dollar that they are over.

    Married veterans are eligible for $1743/month, single veterans $1470 and widows of veterans $945.  This is paid directly to the applicant/responsible party as additional income, not to the community where they reside.

    An example of one company that works with some of our partners, http://www.veteransfinancial.com

    Or to find the closest VA regional office for the area in which you are working, visit their website at  http://www1.va.gov/directory/guide/home.asp?isFlash+1

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